“Fake It Until You Become It” – that is my motto. If there is something or someone you want to be… act as if you had it, or act how that person would act. If you do this long enough… you will eventually become exactly what it is you’re striving to be. This practice is something that I have applied to myself and my journey for many years now, which is hard to say because I am relatively young…okay… I AM young.  Yet, age doesn’t equal experience now does it?

A little about me: I was born and raised in a little town called Cummings, Georgia until I moved to the sunny state of Arizona.  I went through every possible “stage” that a young individual could go through.  I’m talking; scene, preppy, artsy, skater kid, you name it! After I experienced the very many ups and downs that those stages, I eventually leveled out into who I am now.

I work as a Corporate Marketing Specialist at a Financial Firm called AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. where I am in charge of all thing new hire, marketing collateral, webinars, etc.  I truly love the corporate life, it has taught me much about patience and constant growth. That there is no such thing as failure, just constant opportunities to learn.

On the other hand, I am what one would call a flower child. I have a complete sleeve of tattoos on my arm and back, I enjoy everything that nature has to offer, and explorer/adventurer is my middle name. I enjoy creating art with chalk pastels along with writing, journalism, and partaking many spiritual practices. There is nothing that I love more than learning more about myself and others through the teachings that this world offers.

This is what I hope to do for you:  I want to show you both sides of this world in my perspective; one of which I call the corporate and logical side. The other, is the flower child and free spirited side, or, the left and right brained worlds. I want to show you how you do NOT have to choose one, you can develop who YOU are my mixing all these things you are learning together, by creating a belief system that satisfies your soul. I hope to teach you that just because you fall down, hit a road block or simply don’t know which direction to take…does NOT mean you’re failing. I will help you learn the practices in my life that have developed me in ways I never thought would, and how they can do the same for you.

Lastly, I want you to see through my journeys in the wilderness, professional life, and spiritual life that you can and will, find your WHY.


If you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat. Email me at the address above and I would love to meet with you and get to know your story.

You may even be featured on the blog – with consent.


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