I know I’m not the first to say that I’ve had those times when little things pop up in my life that pertain to something I am currently going through, just overcame, or questions I may be having. For instance; that license plate that says; “KeepItUp” or like it was for me “Dillpkles”, something that a friend says at the exact moment you need it or a quote that completely encompasses how you’re feeling.

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, I was contemplating whether or not having a blog was the right path to take or not. Is my idea a good one? Will people connect with it? Will anyone pay attention to it? Many questions like this arose in my head throughout the day, but as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw a jeep with a tire cover that read; “Not All Who Wander are Lost”. I couldn’t help but stop my car and take a quick photo to share, because this was a topic I had planned on talking about at some point. signs

I am not one who believes in coincidences.  Things, people, trials, pain, etc. are put in our lives for a reason. Whether that is by a higher power or from the universe itself… they were meant to give us a push in the direction that we are meant to follow or a give us a “good job” or “Stop that Sh*t” on the things we have overcome. The catch is – what do we do with the signs that we are given?

One common thing that I will be talking about throughout my blog is: Always asking questions…  This is the only way to break down all the bulls*#t surrounding our true selves and find the deeper truths that peel back the layers to who we are. And we must continue asking these questions until we come to a realization on our own. Seeking truths will open the door to happiness.

So with the signs that you may have had or are currently having in your situation now, start asking yourself what they mean. Why now? What do I need to do to follow the path I am meant for? Is this the right path for me?

The universe is always guiding, but it is up to us to take the time to listen.


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