Fossil Creek is the picture of a little hidden paradise.

In the town of Strawberry (yes that name is awesome!!) you can access a wonderland.

The water is crystal clear, in some places the water is so still it looks like glass, others waterfalls flow in stair steps or giant overflowing masterpieces.

When you get there you will take a long and rocky drive down to the beginning of the hike, about 14 miles to be exact. Make sure your car is up for the trek.

Once you get there – park… but DON’T go through the main entrance. There is another path where you can literally hike along the creek and all the little swimming holes and rope swings,  falls along with it.

Take this all the way down – don’t worry you will end up at the main falls eventually.

The pictures below were taken along this path ❤


There was one quiet spot that I found, it was probably the most peaceful place. I hope you venture there to find such tranquility!


And when you get to the Falls!! Don’t be surprised that many other people will be there to enjoy the beauty alongside you!

Embrace it, make friends and have fun!!!!

And don’t forget to JUMP off the falls at the end… Its a MUST!!

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