“Take the Risk or Lose the Chance”

I love this quote because it can go in multiple directions depending on the situation at hand and is all held within the choices that we make.

Some of the types of risk are these:

1. Risking a negative outcome to fulfill something positive now. For example adrenaline rushes, things that have a literal dangerous outcomes, yet a positive life impact.

2.  Risking the loss of something positive, for a negative or seemingly “good idea” now. Such as, opting to go hangout with friends when you know you have work or homework that needs to be done before the next day.

3.  Risking nothing as an outcome due to not making a choice, or in fewer words, being complacent.  Risking nothing is what I consider to be the biggest risk of them all…to risk nothing is to have no passion, no drive, no wonder. To me, this has the worst outcome of them all… complacency…no learning, no growth, nothing.

Figuring out whether the risk is worth the reward is sometimes quite hard for many of us.

In the last blog I wrote, I described the adventure I took to Fossil Creek in Strawberry Arizona.  A wonderful place with waterfalls, streams and nature all around, and at the end, there was a waterfall that you could jump off of. It’s high enough to get the blood rushing through your veins, yet short enough to be absolutely achievable if you’re willing to take the risk.

This is a perfect example of the first type of risk…

  1. You could jump.  If you do, you gain the experience, but you risk being injured from the waterfall and rocks below.
  2. You could not jump.  If you don’t, you gain assurance that you will not be injured and will leave safely, but risk regretting that you did not jump.

You need to evaluate each situation of risk with the outcome based on your perception.

What is best for YOU?

Another example of risk type two would be:

You have a great job, you love this job and are content with everything that you do at this job, you also need this job.  Wednesday night rolls around, and your friends who may not be in the same space that you are in you life, are going out for the evening. You know you have to be up early to workout and be at work in time for meetings, busy work and to say the least, be functional.

  1. You could go out. Risking not waking up in time for your workout, being late for work and not getting all of the things done for that day. All things that could potentially lead to worse outcomes if done more than once.
  2.  You could not go out.  Risking upsetting friends, losing a fun night out and living a little.

What we need to do is, practice weighing the risk vs. reward and making a conscious decisions from that. No matter what choice you make is, make it. The correct choice is the one that is correct for you… not the one that everyone thinks you should make.

This can be applied to any situation you may be going through…that business you’ve always wanted to start, the sport you’ve always wanted to take up, or maybe that relationship you’ve wanted to try out.  What ever it may be, make sure you are weighing the risk against the reward, or the risk against the losses.

And always remember, something fun and free spirited, doesn’t always have to have a high risk. that everything in life is a choice, and be aware that the reward could always be in the journey itself.

So  take some risks, make some mistakes, and always be mindful of the choices you make. ❤

Check back for Risk Part 2. Where we will go over the most important risks of them all. Risking Nothing.





3 thoughts on “Risk Part 1. 10/18/16

  1. As the saying goes “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Beautiful read to remind myself that we all take risks every single day of our lives and it’s in those small decisions that truly bring about great change, excitement, and thrill. Thank you for this Abi:)

    Liked by 1 person

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