“If you risk nothing, you risk everything.”

The definition of complacency is: a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to make them better : a complacent feeling or condition.

I think it is important to appreciate what you have and have a “glass half full” outlook on life. Being satisfied is one thing, being satisfied to the point that you no longer want or feel the need to better yourself is another.

When you achieve something, it is good to take it in and feel satisfied with that accomplishment, but when we allow that one accomplishment be the highest we ever achieve we actually start going backwards. We do not peek, the plateau at that high point in life. In reality if we do not continue pushing ourselves to be better, make new accomplishments, and work hard, we actually start to lose those qualities that we did previously work so hard to achieve.

Like an EKG machine for example…  it never stays constant unless we are flat lining, which we all know isn’t a good thing.

An EKG is actually a good example of the idea that risking nothing, risks everything.  Say you have a heart attack, and the doctors are doing CPR in order to re-start your heart. With each compression, it is creating circulation through your body, causing your heart to pump blood. So in life, that would be your work.

They work and work and work until finally, they get your heart beating again … they celebrate!! “Whoo!! Shes alive!!!”…5 min later you start flat lining again… but wait… they already celebrated, drank champagne, gave thanks to God, etc… So… now, they don’t feel the need to restart your heart again… and you die.

A little morbid but you get my point.

Life does not stop when you decide to stop, it keeps on going whether you tag along or not. So when you become complacent with your life and come to a stand still, you are risking everything moving forward without you. Your job, family, income, happiness, love.. etc. All of these things need constant work to continue being healthy and whole.

In your job, be putting your best work out there. If you get promoted, KEEP DOING THE WORK. If you let that promotion be the best you ever are, sorry kid, they’ll find someone else, and you risk losing that position and your income.

In your family, make sure you are spending time with them when you can, and maintain those relationships. If you do not keep up those connections you risk losing closeness to the people you love most.

In yourself, always be pushing to learn new things, and take new avenues to grow. If you do not, you risk never knowing the joy of knowledge and experience. You will become mundane and bored, which can risk depression.

In love, practice learning THEIR love language. We don’t all have the same one, and when you learn what it takes make someone else happy it truly makes you happy. Care for the love of your life enough to truly understand who they are and what they need inside, not what YOU think they want and need. If you do not take the time to learn their love language you risk them resenting you and losing the relationship as a whole.

So if you stay where you are, satisfied, unmoved, and unchanged. You risk the loss of everything good and true in your life, because it loses value and meaning.

Life goes on… make sure you go with it.

If you risk.png


One thought on “Risk Part. 2

  1. Abbey, This really hit home with me! Selling my house and moving to AZ is a risk but I truly feel that I need to take this risk. i know that I would become a better person being around you and your family! I love all of you and I love my Indiana family!


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