“Staying in something that doesn’t make you happy isn’t called loyalty. It’s called breaking your own heart.” – Unknown.

Today I am not talking about ONLY being in love, but more about relationships with those whom are close to you and those whom you care for.

One of the most valuable things that someone told me is that you cannot please everyone…some will enjoy being around you simply because they enjoy who you are, and others will not like you for the smallest of reasons.

Having faith that the right doors will open when the right doors have closed has always been something that I personally struggle with.  Choosing whether holding onto someone who should or should not be in your life is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make.  But… YOU are the one who needs to make it, no one can be the reason that you make this decision..and once you close that door make sure that it stays closed.

Now, I am not saying to just give up at the first sign of difficulty. What I AM saying is, do not be the definition of insanity by trying to make the same thing work over and over again, with the same person, in the same situation… yet, expect them to change or the outcome of the situation to be different. I can tell you from experience, this will not happen.

You cannot change someone.

They have to want to change for themselves. And most importantly, you need to love and care for a person for who they are in the beginning. Otherwise, when they do change to that “person” you wished they would be… you’re not going to love them 100% either.

So whether this applies to your relationship with your family, friends, work relationships, etc.  Always go into it with an open heart and try to understand them for who THEY are… not who you wish them to be. If you cannot, that is okay, that just means that they are not meant to be in your life, and it is time to close that door.

Also, know that change comes from within…one needs to want to change, not feel forced to.

This can be applied to ourselves as well… If we do not love ourselves for who we are in the present, we are never going to love the people we become.




3 thoughts on “Relationships Part. 1

  1. This subject brought to mind my relationship with Chuck Jr! Because of my love for his dad I put up with his demeaning me, his deceitfulness, and his constant anger at me! I thought that even though his dad died he would still love me! After the incident with my truck I decided that I should not have him in my life! I know that not everyone thinks I should not have done this but I also know this was what I needed to do! I love Chuck Jr so much. I had helped raise him since he was eight years old! I miss him and I love his children Carter and Kaysle but a a very heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

    This blog is probably not intended for this kind of reply but it helped me in putting my feelings in writing! Thank you for this!


  2. This piece touches me, That which we do for or to others, we inflict upon ourselves. I believe it is possible to be detached, and engaged with someone who is immature and hasn’t cultivated any self awareness. By being kind and generous with our attention, etc without expectation can be a positive experience for all.
    Thank you Abby


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