In this beautiful process we call life we will all be faced with challenges. Moments that we are faced with a choice, a choice that scares us…a choice that will decide where you go from here.

These forks in the road are what I call defining factors of our lives…they shape us into who we will be for the rest of our lives. I am here to tell you these choices are the hardest ones you will have to make, but YOU have to make them.

I was very recently faced with a choice…

Do I stay and sacrifice my needs, my want, and my standards for someone who is and was not willing to meet them.


Do I go, and risk the pain and suffering of being alone. Being without the person who lit my fire, held me when I was tired, and whom I shared my life with…terrified me.

So, I was writing my last blog the other night and something clicked within me…I was tired…so tired, that my body ached, I was sad, so sad that warm tears trailed my face, and lonely…when I lived with the person I loved and who was supposed to love me. I felt alone.

I looked down at my screen and read back to myself what I had wrote to all of you…

“Live a little every day, don’t be afraid to make a leap of faith…but also do not be a fool.”

And I knew.

I had to choose me.

So I did.

And with the most excruciating pain, I made the choice to let go. With all of the love and happiness wished to them…I let go.

For me and no one else.

I am here as an advocate to you that you too, need to choose you…and this can be with any decision you are faced with presently…whether it is stepping up and being the man or woman that your partner needs, that is a choice…not a personality trait, or letting go of a friend who does nothing but drag you down, or talk to that family member about something that is making you feel pain from them.

Choose you.

I want you all to know that I am here to inspire you…but at the very same time YOU inspire me… RIGHT after this fork in the road for me, and old friend messaged me about this blog.

The image is below for you to read.

I know that the universe it watching over us, because in a moment of sorrow I realize, that I am NOT alone, that we are never alone.

We have each other, we have our best friend and our families…

Choose you – and the RIGHT people will too.




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