Goals… we all have them…but not all of us reach them, at least not when we say we are going to reach them.

Think about some of the goals that you had from last year that you may not have completed, or some goals that you want to get started on that you haven’t yet.

Take a moment to write these down… maybe start with breaking them down into sections.

90 day goals – 1 year goals – 3 year goals

Within these sections write down the EXACT date that you would like to have these done by, this will help you keep yourself accountable for these goals. hen, continue into adding these specific goals into the sections you have created.

These are the things that will take time to change and process, and they start from THIS DAY forward.

We are coming up on 2017 and I feel like this past year has flown by so quickly, too quickly.

I hear the whispers of folks talking about all of the wonderful things that they plan to begin in 2017…from getting back into shape to paying off all debt. These are great goals, 100%! But the major flaw here is their start date… When we get excited about these changes is when we should begin to implement these changes.  I too struggle with the: “well I will start tomorrow” or “Oh, I will begin next week”… then what happens when that next week does roll round? The same cycle. “Oh well, its been a rough week so Ill give myself another week to really do this… and I promise I will this time.”

Change isn’t something  you can schedule, something you can put on the calendar for a later date. It begins with you, and it begins now.



2 thoughts on “Why Not Start Now? 12/9/16

  1. THIS 100%! I struggle with this as well, waiting until the top of the week or the beginning of the month or year to start on my goals. Last year my resolution was to not have one; instead I wanted to try to make every day count by just doing something, anything to progress myself without waiting for a specific date/time to start. Thanks for the reminder, this is really good!


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