“Although no one can go back and create a brand new start…ANYONE can start now, and create a brand new ending.” – M.W.W

I want to start today’s message off with a question:

Have you ever met someone who has a glow about them?

Just this radiant glow, that you almost cannot explain?


Maybe it’s you who radiates this glow… Have you ever been told that by someone you’ve met?

I call these people light workers…People who simply bring light into the dark world.

Whether that is through unspoken or spoken kindness, warmth, love, enlightenment, knowledge, etc… Whatever it may be, they touch others in the way they specifically needed to be touched.  Now, this doesn’t mean that these people are perfect or never do wrong. What it does mean, is they have been through the hard times and the good times and yet, in spite of the odds, they still see the good in all that they do, the best in every person, and the light in the midst of darkness.

I want to tell you about someone very close to me who has been a light worker in my life.  This isn’t to discount anyone else in my life, as I have multiple people who have brought a great amount of wisdom and light to my life. But, this particular person has been there from day one, of not only my life, but those around her.

For me, her light is the light of forgiveness and generosity. I truly have never met a woman who can handle so much negativity, with so much grace.  When negativity comes her way,  I can see the pain behind her eyes,  but that’s what makes her love and kindness genuine.  I can name many times where I know I have disappointed her…yet, instead of judging me, she picks me up, dusts me off, tells me to learn from it, and helps me through it.  It is amazing to see the things she will do for the people she loves. Even better, she would do this for someone whom she did not know the name of…as her light shines above her inner circle.

Think of someone who has that light about them, remember the times that they have picked you up and dusted you off to teach you a very important lesson in your life.

I encourage you to thank them for who they are and what they have done for you. We tend to take these people for granted because they are the ones that we know will always, no matter what we do,  be there for us.  What’s sad, is that because of this, we tend to focus our energies and light within us, on the people who don’t care about our light, and who we know wouldn’t be there in our darkest moments.

This is an issue I struggle with personally.

To end this 2016 I leave you with this:

A friend once told me: “I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.” and he could not be more correct.

With that:

Here’s to you mom. My greatest quarter, my strongest friend, and my biggest supporter. Thank YOU, for being exactly who you are. You are such a light in this world, and I am blessed to call you family.  And know this… No matter what you are going through, no matter the stress or the pain this world brings… You have changed so many lives with the light that God has given unto you, and that, my dear one, outshines anything the darkness will throw at you. I love you.

This 2017, my friends, focus on shining those 4 quarters that God has blessed you with… thank them for being there in your darkest moments, and direct your beautiful light on them. And for those 100 pennies that you’ve been working so hard to shine, give them to charity… because you do not need them anyway.

Happy New Year!

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