img_0001When I think about the idea of being alone being connected to loneliness, I remember that we all have at one point in time have felt alone in a crowded room.

You see…loneliness and being solitary are two very different things.

Being solitary means to be alone with oneself physically… where as loneliness, just like the idea of being alone in a crowded room, is the lack of connection, love, communication, etc… I find that the loneliest people are the ones with the greatest amount of people around them. Like I had talked about in my last writing, 4 quarters vs. 100 pennies.

Being solitary can actually be quite peaceful. One is able to be alone with their thoughts and truly learn about oneself by going deep within. Having comfort in being alone is uncommon, but a strength within our souls.  Finding that comfort of solidarity, is where we find peace.

Loneliness however,  has a lot to do with the way we portray ourselves to the world and others around us.  I know that it seems odd but it is a valid point…

Often times we become overly aware of how others perceive us that we lose sight of who we are. We continuously put on a mask to match what we think others will connect with easier, than who we truly are…

Who you are when no one is watching should be the same person that you should be when the worlds eyes are on you.


Something many of us lack, which is a main driving force of loneliness.

When we are not authentic people, we lose sight of the meaning of true connection.

Have you ever say… said you enjoyed something that a friend did, just to have something in common with them, even if maybe you truly didn’t?

Or… pretended to be someone you’re not, because you are afraid that others around you may not accept you if you were to reveal who you truly are to them?

Let me help you out and say…Yes, we all have. And this causes two problems… 1. We lose sight of who we truly are and betray our true self.  2. We lose true connection with those around us, because now, we  have to wear the mask that we created for ourselves when we are around those people. Thus, the idea being alone in a crowded room…you are there physically, but who you are inside isn’t.

Today I was blessed to take a moment to travel to Sedona with two truly authentic women.  We got to share our trials and battles with each other, open up about what we believe in and be our true selves around each other.  I can tell you this… I have never felt a peace like I did today.  I was authentic, unapologetic for who I was, and proud of who I have been, who I am, and who I will be.  And they accepted that with open arms…

I want you all to have that feeling.

The feeling that no matter who you are, you are loved. Know that those people are our there, waiting for you to show them who you really are…

Those are the RIGHT people, the 4 quarters. Don’t waste you precious time pretending, for the 100 pennies.

You don’t have to be lonely.

Loneliness is a choice.

So, Choose differently.



3 thoughts on “10 Lies We Always Believe – Alone Means Lonely 1/6/17

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, I had to learn this from my own mistakes. I’m an ordinary man, not a genius. The difference being the genius can learn from the mistakes or direction of others. It is a simple choice really, however, the simplest of things can be the most difficult. Thank you, Abby. I think you are lucky to have been blessed with such insight at your age.

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    1. I appreciate your thoughts. Sometimes we must learn our lessons the hard way, and sometimes it is the only way. No matter what, we are all strong enough to get through them 🙂 All the best… A


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