A very close friend of mine, whom always has a smile on their face, a can do attitude and always glowing, came to me one day and said something that taught me a great lesson.

She discussed some major issues with me that I would have never guessed were going on, and then said:

“You will never understand the pain within me”.

I looked her in the eyes, and said: “But I do”.

From this I learned:

1. That we are not alone, no matter how alone we may feel.

2. That what we see with our eyes, is not always what is truly going on within the soul.



These are two  very important lessons I had to learn…and now would like to share more in depth with you.

Lesson #1:

For those of us who are suffering on the inside…those who hold a smile on the outside and act as if nothing is wrong because of the insinuation that no one could possibly understand. I am here to tell you that everyone suffers inside in some way. It may not be the same as yours, but that pain is there none the less. Remember you are NOT alone.

Further, you have to talk to someone. Keeping things beneath the surface will create a build up that leads to an outburst that will create even more destruction than the issue already has within you. Be brave enough to find those 4 quarters we talked about and be honest about your situation. Truly I tell you that the right people will be there to walk you through it. Being alone is a choice and you do not have to choose that path, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Lesson #2:

For those who look at people for who they are on the outside. I urge you not to                      judge a book by its cover…a saying that is old and overused BUT true… People do                 odd, mean, and interesting things when they are suffering on the inside, and this                  should not be a reflection of their character. I want to influence you to have more empathy for those around you, and never assume that what others are doing is                        a directly associated to you.

Maybe you can think of someone specific, whom you believe is angry with you, ignoring you, or someone who you just don’t think is a nice individual. Pain that they cannot share, unfortunately shows through their emotions and actions.

So always take a moment to remember that the eyes are not always 20/20 with the heart.

And remember that pain is not always something that you can see.

Remember this...the eyes are not always 20%2F20 with the heart.png






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