“If you could love the wrong person that much, just imagine how much you could love the right one.”

I love this quote for many reasons… one because it allows us to remember our pasts. Two because it allows us to get excited for our futures. I know many people say never to look back…however I say, that in order to remember where you have been, how far you have come and give thanks for all of the lessons that you have learned on the way…looking back is nessesary.  If you are like me, you love, and you love hard… you never give your second best to the one you choose to share your life with.

So with that, here is this…

Re-read the first part of the quote again: ” If you could love the wrong person that much…”

I want you to think back to someone whom you truly loved with all of your heart…the beauty, the pain, the heartache, all of it…As hard as is to remember these moments, it is a good reminder of the the qualities you do not seek in the next relationship.  You can send those in your past off with love and light, and positively let them go from your life. I always say, if you stay with the wrong person too long, you miss out on the chance to meet the right one.

Now re-read the second portion on the quote: “Just imagine how much you could love the right one.”

Personally, in the past, I found that I needed to remind myself time and time again that I would meet someone who would love me just as much as I love them… That no longer, would I continue to pour myself into someone who only takes.  As I am sure many of you struggle with this in similar ways…

I want you to know that it is okay, wonderful even, to give your all. It shows that you are truly committed to that person with all that you are. But…know that the RIGHT person, will return your love with the same unconditional love. They will not take you give for granted. The right person will appreciate you for exactly who you are, and bring out the best in you… they will make you see the world through a new set of eyes, while simultaneously looking at you, seeing everything you have done and everything you are…and continue to love you anyways.

That unconditional love, is what we are all searching for. And there IS your perfect match out there. But you have to be patient, and take action when knowing something is or isn’t right for you.

You will know when you meet your match.

Trust your journey and have faith that he or she is waiting for you. And when YOU are ready you will find it, and when you do…don’t let go, and don’t be afraid to love unconditionally…

I’m sure we all would rather be hurt over again 100 times than not know the extremity of love.

Love is this, and this is love.

Happy valentines weekend.


One thought on “Love is…

  1. We have to be open to the love languages of the one we love as much as they have to be open to ours. Being open allows us to go outside of our comfort zone to pour that unconditional love we have in a way that he/she will understand it and be receiving of it. If both are open then when we don’t always show it in the way that is understandable at first, knowing that love language will help interpret what they are trying to show or say.

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