While researching quotes that reflect my thoughts on the importance of timing in our lives, I came across two separate authors. They both hit the nail on the head, but in different ways. So, I decided to make them fit together hand in hand, in order to create a whole new meaning. First we have:

R.M. Drake & the Avocado Theory

R.M. Drake, who says:

“If we move too fast, we will break things. If we move too slow, we will miss things. If we do not move at all, we wont see things for how beautiful they truly are.”

I love this quote by him because it reveals how incredibly delicate time can be. Take the avocado, for example. The timing of eating an avocado, as we all know, is one of the most difficult tasks for us humans to predict and act upon.

  • Day 1 it is too ripe to cut into, let alone eat.
  • Day 2 at 3:33 PM it has ripened enough to cut into, but it doesn’t taste very good.
  • Day 2 at 5:54 PM it is now perfectly ripe!

You just get home, set everything down, walk over to the perfectly ripe avocado, cut it open… It is now 5:56 PM and the avocado is sadly brown – too ripe and no good to eat.

We all make jokes about the avocado theory, but never really think to apply it in our lives. It may not look like the avocado theory is applicable at first, but look again. When opportunities and obstacles come along, it’s important to know when to act and how to reap the right benefits at minimum cost to us. If we wait to long for things to happen in our lives, we will miss out on the opportunities that are available to us. If we try and force things to happen in our lives to quickly, we risk our quality of work, and therefore end up having to redo what we could have done right the first time. Worst of all, we stand still and expect things to happen on their own, we risk complacency, and not moving forward with our lives at all.

Abraham Hicks

This is where Abraham Hicks comes in, as he says:

“Everything you want is coming. Relax and let the universe pick the timing and the way. You just need to trust that what you want is coming, and watch how fast it comes.”

What Abraham means means is we should let go of the worries of the future or the regrets of what has passed, and let the universe work itself out. This is something I’ve always battled with.

I hold on to the past with a tight grip, never wanting to lose the comfort of something that may have not been good for me.

I then worry for the future by always feeling the impulse to act now and move quickly, rather than trusting the process and having faith that life will work itself out.

Whole New Meaning

Here’s how I combined both quotes to create that whole new meaning:

“If we move too fast, we will break things. If we move too slow, we will miss things. If we do not move at all we wont see things for how beautiful they truly are. We only need to trust what we want is coming, and act when it does.”

– R.M. Drake and Abraham Hicks

I removed the first portion of Hicks’ quote, because I challenge the idea that we should “relax and let the universe pick the timing and the way”. Trusting the process and letting what happens happen after you act upon them is vastly different from waiting around, and not placing any responsibility on yourself for your life and how it works out.

Trust me when I say, you absolutely do need to take action in your life. And from those actions will come opportunities to grow and progress. Only then will you be able to learn to let the universe work itself out. In order to receive something from this world, you must first put something into it.

Nothing will just fall into your lap.

The Process

Approach life with this process:

  1. Work hard, and do good work. – Always give your best, being first, does not mean being the best.
  2. Do not wait too long to take action. – Take action at the appropriate time in your life, do not wait for life, as it will pass you by. Time does not stop, we do.
  3. Be patient and trust the process of your hard work – Do not expect results immediately after you do your work, it takes time and constant attention for growth and change to happen.
  4. Let what does happen, happen. – Sometimes what we expect from our work, isn’t the result that is given. Trust that there is a reason for this, and use it as a tool for the next attempt.
  5. Know that if it is meant to be, it will be. – Do not try and force a conclusion or outcome that isn’t meant to be. Insanity is defined as doing something again and again, expecting a different outcome.
  6. And lastly.. let go of what was, so that you can make room for what is. – Always be moving forward, looking back should only be to express gratitude for the things we have learned.

Though we cannot control the timing of our lives, we can prepare ourselves to make the best of each opportunity and obstacle that comes our way.



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