The subject of millennials is a sore subject for, well, relatively everyone.  Whether its baby boomers trying to live their traditional lives while getting accustom to the 21st century, Gen X not knowing how to deal with the minds of Millennials, or millennials themselves fighting back. Whether which generations are right or wrong, there continues to be an incredible disconnect between all three generations. 


Well, even in our vast differences, we are more alike than one would naturally think. This similarity cannot be seen unless we take a step back and connected the right dots.

Lets break it down into the “type” of people each generation consists of.

First, we have the baby boomers, or what we could call the “traditionalists” of the three types of generations in discussion. These people were born and raised to know that men were meant to work and women were meant to be homemakers. They did not grow up with the technology that the millennial generation did, and while generation x didn’t have all the bells and whistles either, baby boomers had less than this meaning that in order to do things like, contact a friend, gather information, or catch up on current affairs, it had to be done the “hard” way.   While these things may take time and effort to complete and are known as the hard way of doing things, think about how good it feels to talk to friend in person, or read a book or get that hand written letter now a days.

Second, we have Gen X, or what I like to call (with love), the “butt hurt” generation. Now, I said this with love because I truly do think that this is one of the best generations success wise. This group of individuals were raised with the mindset that no one was ever going to hand them anything in life, that unless they went out and took it, they would never have what they wanted. So they did just that, they built themselves from the ground up. This is very, very admirable, until they decided to have children of their own.

You see, when this generation had children they knew just how hard it was to build themselves from the ground, the struggles and the failures that they had to face, and many of them didn’t want that same journey for their children. So, instead of finding a healthy balance of giving and withholding, Gen X gave everything to their young, in order for them to never go without.  When these kids were constantly given everything they needed, they became accustomed to that way of living. They missed out on what made Gen X so successful.

Lastly, we have the generation that seems to be all the rage these days, Millennials. To be completely honest, my label for my crowd would be best described as, the “thumbsucker” generation.

This is for two reasons:

  1. Our constant need for confirmation and gratification in whatever it is we are doing.
  2. Our inability to let go of our parents thumbs, hence, the thumbsucker label.

Our generation has been told that everyone can be president and handed everything on a silver platter.  Our perception of the world is that everything comes to us without have to work for it. Thus, the lovely labels, “entitled” and “ungrateful”.

Now it was important at the beginning of my series to define what we know of each of these generations and why they are the way they are.  I now challenge you to look at it from a couple different angles.

  1. Have you ever thought that maybe this disconnect is because each generation is self-centered but in different ways? That we are all very similar and that it makes it incredibly difficult to differentiate ourselves.
  2. Why does one generation blame another?  Gen X went without and thus inadvertently made millennials? Did baby boomers have a part in creating Gen X? 

I cant wait to hear your thoughts.


One thought on “The Reality Check

  1. Good morning, Abby 🙂
    This is a very understandable perspective in my opinion. I really like that you do at the end admit that, you may actually not have it figured out. From my perspective, I can relate to and admit to freely falling into all three of the labeled categories. I think, though, aside from taking a broader view it is vitally important to be able to confess and must embrace the idea of my propensity to be wrong about nearly everything. I need to get closer, face to face. That is, I believe the only true way to even come close to understanding. imho there is a last group “awake” willing to be wrong, and recognize that most learn from their mistakes and will not, interfere with that process with those they come into contact with.


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