Now that we have hammered out the different types of generations, it’s time to acknowledge those of us who are lumped into these stereotypes without fully fitting the description. Those of us whom have very few, or a mixture of the described tendencies mentioned in the last blog.  I call us the “rare breeds” of our generations because they appeal to both or all qualities of our generations.

In fact, I find that I meet more “rare breeds” on a day to day basis, rather than the full blown generation stereotypes.  For example, my dear friend, whom I have known for years, was born in the millennial generation, yet, her tendencies are more that of a traditionalist.  Or me, while born in the millennial generation, have often been called “one of the good ones” or an “old soul”, because I have gen x, millennial and traditional tendencies. This type of rare breed in the 21st century is one of my favorite and the most prominent I have come into contact with when speaking of mixtures.

Now, when comes to interactions between rare breeds and the multiple generations,  baby boomers and millennials don’t truly have issues other than simply not understanding each other.  Gen X and millennials, however,  have an incredible amount of resentment toward each other, which leaves these “in between” rare breeds in an interesting position.  We get along with both/all generations because we have personality traits that resonate with each of them.  From the millennial side, we are are not only fun and like to go out and have a good time but we are also free spirited, adventurous, and ambitious.  We also are like minded with the Gen X because of our work ethic and servant attitude.  This is not to discount the negative sides of each generation because those traits follow as well. But you can see how these mixtures of qualities can be fantastic on one hand, as well as difficult in the other.

For example, referring back to the comments that I have received; “you’re one of the good ones”, have come to disappoint me much more than give me a sense of achievement.  When the comment was made, it was not because I was a “good” person, or have good work ethic, etc…but because I was in line with their generations beliefs and qualities.  Often each generation will believe that theirs is the better of the two, not because the qualities themselves are admirable, but because our society has decided that qualities only come from the time frame of which you were born.

I ask you this:

Why is it, that the qualities of a person have to be defined by their generation, rather than allowing their qualities to stand alone and speak for themselves?

Take this week to reflect on this question, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Next week we will talk about millennials in the work place.  I have had direct experience in situations like these.  My hope is that millennials, baby boomers and Gen X individuals alike can learn from my experiences and find new ways to work together that is productive and fun for everyone.




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