It has been a moment since I have sat down to write, as there have been many changes going on in my life, a lot of which are positive. So, I decided to take this little breather from writing to you all because I needed time to take a step back and rest, and reevaluate.

But here I am, back to tell you more stories and thoughts on the lives that we all live day to day.

Right now, I am writing you to while I am in the heart of the Sedona valley, camped out on a little site called Cave Springs. This is the first time that I have camped at this location as the first one I went to happened to be full. I couldn’t be more thankful that I stumbled upon this place, it is quite, I can hear the winds whisper through the trees, the stars are so bright that they each show their distinct features, and most of all I can feel the power of the worlds heartbeat around me.

When I arrived here, I set up a bed in my car, lit a fire and threw some veggies on for dinner…(they’re super yummy by the way), there also may have been chocolate and wine involved as well, but we wont talk about that.

Now, I’m sitting here by the fire, amongst this captivating world, writing to you, each and every one of you incredible humans that are so impeccably different in so many ways, and yet so similar. Being out here alone has really brought this complexity of sameness and difference into my thoughts as our series continues on the separate generations. Yet, instead of continuing down this idea of separate generations, I want to take a branch off into a completely different headspace entirely.

I want you to think of each person as a musical note, if you don’t know what I am referring to, it looks like this image below:


Now, think of each line that appears on the staff as a wave length, or a state of being/mind/feeling/habit/vibe, really any group you can imagine.

Do you have that image in your head? Good.

In a song those notes that you see can be the same, or different, just like people. Depending on the song, we have quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, notes with staccato, rests, 16th, 18th, 32nd, the list goes on.  As in life we have races, religions, generations, ages, orientations, etc.

Are you with me? Fantastic!

Even further into this complexity, each note, being the same or different can move across to any line in the staff. We could have a whole note that is an A note, a quarter note that is a B note, or another quarter note that is also a B note. See the image below for a visual:


Complex right?

Now, when we apply this to life, we take the people or “notes” and place them in a wave length.

For example, Abigail, a white woman who loves to listen to music, (a whole note on A), and Jake, a black man who loves to listen to the same music, (a quarter note, on A). Different people, existing on the same wave length.

This can happen millions and millions of times within our lives, with millions and millions of separate people.  We will never be on the same wave length as each person everyday, we change, we grow, we move around on the staff to make a beautiful song in harmony.

A great example in my life was last night, I went to see a concert with a dear friend of mine, and I remember really taking in the vibrations that everyone was giving off.  I turned around and looked back at all of the people behind me, there were so many different people, who were all in sync… we were on the same wave length. All of us there to enjoy the same moment, despite what was going on in their our lives, and despite all of our differences.

So the next time you find yourself in a moment like this, take a second to step back and look at someone for what you have in common, not in how you differ.  As in a puzzle, you may just find that the person who is seemingly the exact opposite of you, may be your exact fit.


3 thoughts on “Branches – 04/21/17

  1. It’s simple, however not easy to catch oneself putting those we encounter into a box and make assumptions, then to be aware of what you’ve done. I too, contend that there is a great deal more that all of us share than that which divides, however different we appear.

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