This past week I had an incredible opportunity to participate in the Todd Duncan “High Trust Academy” seminar in Newport Beach California, and man did it change my life.  To my surprise, many of the things that he spoke about were in line with much of what I write in my blogs. One huge piece that mirrored my thoughts was; in order to do good business you have to bring the personal aspect into the process, at least to a certain extent.

You see, business isn’t just business, it is so much more than that.

It’s funny how most people I have met in the world thus far have the mentality that we are there to make a transaction not build a relationship. When in fact, when we create and build those relationships we find that we end up doing more business.

Let me take you back to a previous blog that I wrote to help connect some dots here; remember when I wrote to you about the 4 quarters in your life vs. 100 pennies?  For those of you who did not read that section, I discussed how truly all you need is a very small set of close relationships to have an immeasurable impact in your life. Think about your best friends, and how much influence they have on you and your decisions on a daily basis. Now, think of the 100 pennies being the outer circle of your life; acquaintances, co-workers, distant relatives, etc… These people who have low impact on your life and do not really bring value to your decisions other than the infrequent cup of coffee or good morning. I concluded the message by saying that in order to have invaluable relationships and happiness in not only your life, but theirs as well, you must focus your energy on the 4 quarters (close relationships) in your life. Trying to please the 100 pennies, which we all know we are guilty of, will only make;

  1. Your close friends and family members feel less special to you, which will make their known value in your life decrease.
  1. It will challenge your personal happiness because you lack the authentic and close relationships that our souls need in order to keep connection alive.

I say all of this because it can be directly applied to your business and the relationships that you create within it. As Todd Duncan says; “the only way people will do good business with you is if they trust, know, and love you”.  I couldn’t agree more, I know that I would and am more likely to do business with someone that I know and trust, rather than seek out someone that I have not had experience with. Similarly, if I didn’t know of anyone in the field that I was seeking business from, I would ask my family and friends for a recommendation.

Your friends and family can open up an entire world of networks for you to create business from if you simply use the power of empathy, connection, trust, commonality, and integrity. There is no need to seek out hundreds and hundreds of “cold leads” when you have an entire world of referrals around you. When you learn how to harness this in a positive and authentic way, the impact will be powerful to you and your business.


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