You my friends are not perfect, just as I am not perfect.

I find this topic incredibly difficult to discuses because perfection and the pursuit of perfection is one of the most difficult journeys that we all try to travel. Mostly because the destination itself is quite impossible, like trying to pass through the eye of a needle.  Yet, we all tend to try to make ourselves this perfect being, if not in our own eye, but in the eyes of those whose opinions we value.

What most don’t understand is that this idea of perfection is vastly different to each and every person. To me it could be intelligence and beauty, to another it could be athleticism and whit.

I encourage you to think about this question:

Whose opinion of perfection is right?


Who are we, to decide what perfection looks like?

Here is the beautiful thing, we are never going to be perfect in the eyes of all. But we are perfect, because of our imperfections. We were made in the image of God, who IS and will always be perfect, so that we do not have to be. He took the pain of being perfect off our shoulders, so that we could learn and grow and be beautiful  messy humans.

Trust me, in that you are someones vision of perfection, and that is the one who created you.

There is no need to worry about others views of perfection, as I mentioned that you will never fit into their personal views.

Be firm in being you, who you are inside and out, authentic. 


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