Unexpect the Expected – 6.30.17

A lot of people say this completely turned around, and that is to expect the unexpected. But I feel that if we are expecting the unexpected, we are just expecting the new expected? If you think about it, its just preparing yourself to fail. Right? We all get caught up in this fear of failure, … Continue reading Unexpect the Expected – 6.30.17


UNREAL – 6.23.17

Wow, all I can say, is wow. Why? Well, lately I have been asking myself what I have done, to deserve such kindness and friendship in my life. I mean, I am quite literally an average human living an amazing journey that was set out for me. But the people that I have had the … Continue reading UNREAL – 6.23.17


They say it's what you do in each and every moment that shapes your future.  It's so true, but even further than that. I find that so many people, myself included, focus on the outcome rather than the journey laid out before us.  It's like opening up the bottom of a cereal box to retrieve … Continue reading Moments