I remember a time in my life not to long ago, even though it feels like ancient history, when I was faced with a life changing question. 

A question that stopped me in my journey down a path, and created a fork in the road that wasn’t there before.

Even though every step I took was painful, it was all I had come to know, so I kept walking.

We all seem to keep walking.

And while walking is good as it is leading us forward, we need to be walking down the path of goodness and beauty, the path that was specifically mapped out for us.

We were designed for something greater, we were placed on this earth for a purpose, and the path we follow is what gets us there.

I say these things because if you look at the facts, the probability of people, specifically you and I as entities, being born, is basically 0.

As Binazir says: “The path begins with the odds of your dad meeting your mom (1 in 20,000). This is multiplied by the chances of them staying together long enough to have kids (1 in 2,000), and so on… The probability of you existing at all comes out to 1 in 102,685,000 — yes, that’s a 10 followed by 2,685,000 zeroes!” – July 11 2012

You and I, breathing, thinking, loving humans who have personality traits, qwerks, opinions, skills, talents, are all so finely tuned that it could only be by design.

On a bigger scale take earth for example, some of the world greatest minds, who have studied and committed their lives to the discovery and knowledge acquisition of it, said things such as:

Paul Davies (British astrophysicist): “There is for me powerful evidence that there is something going on behind it all….It seems as though somebody has fine-tuned nature’s numbers to make the Universe….The impression of design is overwhelming”

Roger Penrose (mathematician and author): “I would say the universe has a purpose. It’s not there just somehow by chance.”

Antony Flew (Professor of Philosophy, former atheist, author, and debater) “It now seems to me that the findings of more than fifty years of DNA research have provided materials for a new and enormously powerful argument to design.”

Which brings me back full circle to our path, and our design.

How do we know when we are on the path designed for us?

What happens when we decide to veer off of it?

How do we get to the path designed for us?

Incredibly valid questions, but the most important one is, “how do I get to my path?”

Well, to start there are many things that need to, and can be done to find your path, but lets start with learning how to decide whether each person, thing, or practice in your life is best for you.

That boyfriend who cannot meet your emotional needs, that smoke that keeps you focused on not feeling pain, or maybe is the way that you talk to yourself.  Things that may seem relatively harmless, in actuality make an unimaginable negative impact when repeated daily.  You start believing you need these things in order to be you, becoming your definition.

I too let things that are outside of my path define me, my boyfriend defined how I accepted to be treated, my addictions defined how I dealt with inside issues and insecurities, and my negative self talk defined how I looked at myself in the mirror.  Now, from the outside looking in we can all agree that none of that sounds like a seemingly positive day to day practice. 

Yet, when we are the ones going through it, we tend to be blind to the effects they have on us.

I vividly remember coming to my dad in tears one evening because I couldn’t stand the way that I had been feeling anymore, further, I couldn’t understand why I was feeling this way.

I will never forget what he said.

He said: “Abigail, what you need to do, is decide whether you need a surgeon or a nurse.”

I looked at him puzzled because I couldn’t imagine what he was referring to.

He continued: “These things, these people in your life, these actions are beginning to define you. You can see how unhappy you are, so you need to decide whether they are in need of a surgeon to rip out the bad, and remove it from your life to allow for you to be cleansed and begin healing. Or a nurse, to take you and those in your life as they are, and try to repair the damage through great care and attention.”

In that moment I knew what I needed to do, it all became so clear,  at least for one thing I was dealing with at the time.

So I listened to my heart and decided that I needed the surgeon, I needed to rip the poison from my life in order to love myself again and move forward on the path that was set out for me.

It’s time for you to decide whether you need the surgeon or the nurse, for this is will help lead you to your designed path.

God already has a plan, its up to us to follow it.


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