They say it’s what you do in each and every moment that shapes your future. 

It’s so true, but even further than that. I find that so many people, myself included, focus on the outcome rather than the journey laid out before us. 

It’s like opening up the bottom of a cereal box to retrieve the toy before eating the cereal to get to it.  We all want that instant success and gratification, without having to work through the hard stuff to get there. 

But when you think about it, where is the joy in that? Where is the feeling of accomplishment without working for what we want in our futures, here and now.

It’s like playing a video game, for example sims, (because that’s the sort of stuff I played as a kid), and instead of playing fairly, using all of the hacks to access the locked items to fill the house, or having infinite money. Yes, I was that kid, I had all the hacks, and you know what… I. Got. Bored. 

I didn’t enjoy playing the game anymore because I had everything, there was no journey, so there was no point. 

So the next time you find yourself worrying about your futures, getting that nice car, or having perfect partner, remember that if you focus on your journey in the moment, and be present, your future will come, it’s already written for you. 

Stop to smell the roses, work on you, take the steps to get you to your goals, and love harder than you have ever loved. 

All you have ever imagined is coming. 

Have faith, and be present in each moment. Trust me… you don’t want to miss them. 


2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Oh, I know the immediate gratification game, and you’re right, it’s completely dissatisfying or leaves you craving intensely. Clarity of perception and accuracy of response, to see clearly, as much as that is possible for a human, and to respond accurately.

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