Wow, all I can say, is wow.


Well, lately I have been asking myself what I have done, to deserve such kindness and friendship in my life.

I mean, I am quite literally an average human living an amazing journey that was set out for me. But the people that I have had the honor of meeting and getting to know is exceptionally and white literally UNREAL.

I recently started a little trend on my Instagram page if you are following it called “people are dope”, I started this because I had an overwhelming excitement and realization of how completely incredible people are and wanted to share that with the world.

I whole heartedly believe that that one person can change the world. Yet, this world change may not be in the way that you initially think I am referring to. You see, the “world” is all relative to the specific individual. Ones interpretation of the world could be, and probably is completely different than your interpretation of the world.  Yes, we all live together on this planet called earth, and there are “earthy” disputes, issues, and joys that are taking place on a global level.  But when I talk about changing the world, I am talking about how one beautiful individual perceives the world.

I try to explain it like this:

Say we are out to dinner and there are 100 other people in the room. I tell them to take a moment to look at those around them and get to know some of their faces. Once they can see some of the characteristics of those around them, I then focus them to dive deep inside to remember and acknowledge all of the moments in their lives of joy, peace, hate, pain, love, etc… to quite literally take a look at their “world” from a birds eye view. Realizing how much complexity and identity goes along with it.

Most importantly, how if one person could’ve changed one moment in their life, what difference would that have made for their future?

Once they have taken a moment to asses their world, I tell them to then look out at the people around them that we just made ourselves aware of, and take the complexity of their own life, and multiply it by every single, living, breathing, loving human in that room.

And the looks I get are astonishing because they now realize, what changing the world really means.

That is, is is not about one person changing an earthly issue, that is for God to do. But, we can change the world of someone around us, just by changing one moment or experience in their lives, and with that, we create a wave of change.

I will never forget the people who made a change in MY world…

Just recently, I went to meet with a dear friend of mine for breakfast, when it came time for the bill, we asked our server who I had seen off and on and had some amazing, yet very simple conversation with, for our check. I will never forget what he said:

“I took care of it, the moment I saw her walk in the door.”

And my heart stopped.

This man, whom I didn’t know on a deep level, without reason, except that I had been kind to him, changed my world, by a single act of kindness.

And that same day, I payed it forward.


That my dear friends, is what it is all about.

So today, I urge you to change the life of someone around you, even in the smallest of ways.

Pay it forward, and you single handedly, have changed the world. 


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