A lot of people say this completely turned around, and that is to expect the unexpected.

But I feel that if we are expecting the unexpected, we are just expecting the new expected?

If you think about it, its just preparing yourself to fail. Right?

We all get caught up in this fear of failure, so we protect ourselves against it, which I find the most detrimental cause of unhappiness.

Say you walk into a testing session that you have been studying really hard and long for. You are confidant and expect the outcome to be that you pass. It turns out that you were close to passing, but unfortunately you did not, and that feeling of anger and resentment start to kick in.

That feeling really sucks, doesn’t it?

What would happen if you revamped your mindset to see it as a lesson and move forward. Okay, so you didn’t pass the test, but you can study and try again and pass it next time. Right? Instead of being angry, ask yourself: what did you learn from it, or even further, was there something else in the situation that you were actually meant to do or learn instead of what was expected?

Well, I was that girl in the testing room, I walked in expecting to pass.

What I did not tell you about this story was that, while I was angry, I found I had a different destiny for testing that day all along, which I will come back to at the end.

In turn what we need to do is find a way to go into our daily lives without expecting a certain outcome.

Why?  When we don’t expect a specific outcome, that outcome always becomes a lesson or a win, because what happened, was what was meant to happen. It was what was written in our plan and the word “failure” literally ceases to exist.  Now, instead of our expectations not being met, we can except the outcome as it is and grow.

Wow what a play on words, but in all seriousness, it’s all simply changing your mindset.

Back to the story, I walked into the testing room and ran into an individual who by very slim chances, was wearing the same shirt I was. We ended up connecting and chatting a bit more before heading into take the same test, but before I walked in, they asked me to get together directly after the test. Now, this is the first time that anyone has this boldly sought out my attention, so I agreed.

After the testing session we spent the entire day together for what it seemed, learning everything about each other. Come to find that not only did we grow up in the same small town in Georgia, but we were literally born in the same hospital. Even further, we had the same goals, interests, experiences, values, and most of all, our souls completely aligned.

I am still sitting here 6 days later, in awe of the chances that this could have happened.

Totally not what I EXPECTED.

So the next time you are disappointment that something didn’t come out as expected, take another look and see what else could have been meant for you in that situation.

Further, practice going into each day with an open mind to anything that God has planned for you. Only he knows your plan, and we need to stop fighting it so hard to dictate that big picture.

All in all, I did not pass my exam, but I still walked out with a 100% win, and that was you.


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