Finally, I find myself able to write again. Not only was I unable to find the inspiration to sit down and type these words, but I also felt as if these writings were so precious that each one needed to have a specific meaning and purpose to attribute to the lives being refocused from them. 

But that truly isn’t the case. 

Writing is a release, as some may say, an escape. 

I want to ask you, and moreso have you ask yourself, what you do in your life that gives you that same release?

Is it a hobby? Is it music? Cooking? Playing a sport? Maybe it’s spending time with those you love… and those, who love you. 

You see, life is not meant to be spent in the places that don’t interest you, wasting time doing something things that do not not satisfy you, or holding onto someone who is only taking what you hold most valuable. 

I have a dear friend who asked my opinion on a moment in their life, where I was able to help restructure the instance to help reveal how important this idea of fulfillment in life is. 

They said; “So how would you feel if you came home and saw the latest Tiffany bracelet you bought for someone this past Christmas on the floor in the kitchen after you just got home from work at 9pm? How do you not know that you dropped something like that? Is it me? Am I being over critical?”

 I took a moment to let my thoughts settle, and responded with this… 

“Honestly, I wouldn’t be mad. I would be sad that something like that, a thought, and a gift that speaks for the love you have for someone. Was treated with the same respect as garbage. It’s not about the bracelet for you, that’s not what you care about. It’s the principal behind leaving something valuable, unwanted and uncared for. Just as you are not cared for. You’re not being over critical. You are being reasonable, and mistreated… You are that bracelet.”

Isn’t it funny, how small moments in our lives can reveal much deeper rooted issues?

For this friend, there were many, many moments like this, but it’s up to them, to decide if that is how they want to spend their time.

So what about you? 

Are you receiving what you need to be fulfilled from this life? 

Are you where you want to be?

Are you doing what you love to do?

Are you with someone who loves you as you love them?

Or maybe it’s the opposite you should ask.

Do you know where you want to be?

Do you know what it is that you love to do?

Are you giving the same love, to someone who loves you? 

Ask yourself, and act. Becuase words and thoughts, without actions are dead.

Don’t be the tiffanys bracelet on he floor, and know your value.


One thought on “Tiffanys – 9.27.17

  1. Abby, nice to read from you, I was wondering if I missed you but there you are. I enjoy being productive at work, reading, writing and meditating. Seems the quieter my life is, the more fulfilled I feel. When I am in a grasping mode, I feel like I’m missing out and more empty.


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