Our Mission

My Wander Why is the brainchild of Abigail Shirvinski. Abigail launched My Wander Why in 2016 to help clients bridge the gap between dreaming and setting goals; between mere desire and true ambition.

Abigail’s goal is to help clients achieve their truest selves by coaching them through the tough stages of millennial life.

Become the person you’ve always wanted to be; live the life you’ve always dreamed.

About Our Founder

Abigail was born and raised in Cummings, GA before moving out to the sunny state of Arizona. She is a certified Crossfit trainer, and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Health & Wellness at the Arizona State University.

In spite of her love for the corporate life, Abigail describes herself as a Flower Child. She shares:

I have a complete sleeve of tattoos on my arm and back. I enjoy everything that nature has to offer, and Explorer & Adventurer are my middle names.

I create art with chalk pastels, and dabble in writing and journalism. When I’m not working on my art and career goals, I partake in many spiritual practices.

There is nothing that I love more than learning more about myself and others through the teachings this world offers.

When she isn’t staying fit, meditating, or working her butt off, Abigail travels to foreign countries, like Haiti and Mexico, to volunteer. She is deeply interested in causes related to children, the environment, health, and poverty alleviation.

Abigail Shirvinski is not a trained psychiatrist or psychologist. She is a lifestyle coach representing the My Wander Why brand and lifestyle, by sharing the principles that helped her achieve success in her personal life.