Past Tense – 11.14.17

Have you ever sat down, maybe more than once, and wondered where it all went wrong? And as hard as you think about it, you cannot seem to pin point a single instance where you can clearly say: "ah hah, that was it". Well, you're not alone. It got me thinking, how is it that … Continue reading Past Tense – 11.14.17


Tiffanys – 9.27.17

Finally, I find myself able to write again. Not only was I unable to find the inspiration to sit down and type these words, but I also felt as if these writings were so precious that each one needed to have a specific meaning and purpose to attribute to the lives being refocused from them.  … Continue reading Tiffanys – 9.27.17


They say it's what you do in each and every moment that shapes your future.  It's so true, but even further than that. I find that so many people, myself included, focus on the outcome rather than the journey laid out before us.  It's like opening up the bottom of a cereal box to retrieve … Continue reading Moments